There is need therefore to seek for professional cleaning services in order to keep up with the modern required standards


This involves washing of the windows in and out, scrubbing the floor and the interior and or exterior walls. Removing of the cobweb from the corners of the house and dusting the ventilators. Thorough cleaning of the toilet, hand wash basins, mirrors and walls of the toilet.

  • During the cleaning, our professional staff use different equipment and tools like
  • dust mops,
  • dust pans,
  • brooms,
  • gum scraping tools,
  • wet and dry vacuum cleaners,
  • toilet plungers,
  • heavy duty gloves among others.


It involves trimming of the trees, beautifully trimming hedges in the compound into different attractive designs. Mowing the compound to a level desired by the customer, Sweeping and collecting the rubbish in and round the compound, and leaving it sparkling clean and healthy.

  • Some of the tools used are;
  • Hedge trimmers,
  • Rakes,
  • lawn mowers,
  • Broom,
  • Shears, and wheelbarrows among others.


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  • This involves complete fill of an area with gaseous fumigants to suffocate pests. At A&M, we use a variety of specialized equipment’s such as hand held manual Sprayers,
  • Motorized mist blowers,
  • Motorized pressure pump, to reach in every spot of the building and our employees wear protective equipment’s to ensure safety at workplace such as gas masks, gloves, gum boots and goggles. Our chemicals are Eco friendly and take few hours to diffuse so the property can be used in a few hours after fumigation.


Ivory General Cleaners provide garbage collection services to different clients that is small and big organizations. We use specialized machines that are;

  • Garbage trucks with compressors and trippers,
  • Huge truck bins with wheels,
  • Spades and big liners.


Façade is the exterior side of the building generally but not always the front. The façade of a building is clearly the most important aspect from a design perspective, as it’s the first thing people will usually see. It could be glass, cladding or concrete. As you will know, for high raised buildings and towers, our cleaning team uses ropes, with safety harness, cradle cleaning and we employ automated Cradle machines that can clean up to desired meters. We use suitably qualified staff to ensure that our client receives the best service.

  • Whether you have a high-rise tower built with glass or a smaller building made out of concrete, we provide you with the Facade cleaning services you require to ensure your premises look great.


When residential and commercial construction is complete, thorough cleaning is done, that is dusting, scrubbing and stain removal is necessary to leave the site sparkling. For example;

  • The walls,
  • Floor,
  • Desks,
  • Cabinets,
  • Drawers, to mention but a few